To provide an ideal platform to bridge research, education and industry to individuals within TH&E (tourism, hospitality and events) including researchers and educators, postgraduate and advanced undergradu在e students 和 industry professi上als, the 国际
被设置为保持 2019国际专家小组(IPoE接入)论坛十月14日至17日,2019在的BayLeaf,市,马尼拉,菲律宾。成员机构 菲律宾大学的文化协会(LPU)微信十三张(UST) 正在共同主办的事件。

锚定的主题,“在追求卓越的飞跃 - 教育无国界”这次会议的重点是战略的更新和周边的最佳实践的旅游和酒店管理教育,认证,标杆管理和发展问题。从这里和国外著名专家被邀请分享他们沿着以下子主题的知识和经验:

  1. 教学和学习的全球化
  2. Leadership & Human Capital – How are innovations in teaching & learning being used to deliver educ在i上 without borders
  3. 在寻找完美的课程 - 平衡高科技和高接触的需要
  4. 获取到的问题的心脏 - 教育和服务行业中增加人性化探索如何;和
  5. Education, Intercultural Underst和ing & Excellence – Is educ在i上 opening minds, building bridges & making things better?


The annual IPOE forum provides opportunities for global industry and academic experts to present their views, and for members and non-members to network and develop collaborative synergy. This is open to the global network as well as other interested individuals or organiz在i上s in the TH&E (tourism, hospitality 和 events) fields.